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Dice selections

It would be better if you could roll multiple created dice at once. Being able to make dice with more than six sides would be nice as well.

Sound not working

The sound stopped working even though the sound is on. When students roll the dice, no sound is made. When I first purchased the app it was working.

Great app for speech therapy

Totally worth the tiny price for the ability to use pictures. I've only had it for a few weeks and have made 5 games that target different speech and language goals. I love it because it's fast, easy to make the games and the dice don't end up on the floor when kids get silly with their rolls. The kids also get a kick out of it. One request. PLEASE provide an option to make the dice bigger. It can be hard to see some of the more detailed pictures and when using the app on the iPad, there is definitely room to make them bigger.

Pretty darn good

This application is pretty darn useful! I appreciate its ability to edit dice and allow students to change and import different images into this app. This would be great for students who want to try to do a probability project of their own and write and test their own hypotheses about the probability of one or more die. An improvement would be to be able to adjust the number of sides of a die.


App did not work at all. If trying to create new dice app just freezes and sticks on creation page. I want my money back! I´m a high school teacher and thought this would be a great class app. No such luck.

Good idea, too limited, odd interface

6 color limit is not good. And the color choices are odd. Cant disable the existing dice in the iPad version. So whenever you add a dice, you usually get an existing prebuilt dice that you most likely want to DISABLE altogether, so it will not appear. The iPhone version lets you disable the preset dice but not the iPad. Another ODD design choice. The iPhone version doesnt display the handy list of dice when tapping one, like the iPad does. So getting your preferred dice onto the board is cumbersome in both versions. This app needs to offer more color choices than 6. That is CHEAPO. The interface needs a LOT of work.


This was already the best custom dice app on the market. Adding photo dice just made the app AWESOME.

Wow! So Cool!

I think this is really neat! Photos on dice. Or Words. Or a mix (some sides with words, some with pictures). Only critical improvement I can think of is a password to launch app so kids can't tamper with it. Thanks for a great app.

Excellent teaching tool!

I love using this app during speech and language therapy sessions. My students are so motivated and love the anticipation of waiting for their names to pop up! More dice colors, please!

Awesome app!

This is a great app! It would be a 5-star app if I could use it as a teaching tool in the classroom and create my own dice with verbs, nouns, adjectives. Problem: I can't have "couple dice" thrown in the middle of a lesson on verbs. Is there any way to disable (or delete) the pre-programmed dice so that the only dice (or die) thrown would be the custom ones with my lists (verbs, nouns, adjectives)? Also, would it be possible to add an option to increase the dice to cube size? With the current "differentiation of instruction" emphasis in the school system, it would be great to have an app that would allow us to throw a cube with learning tasks on each of the six sides.


This is a great app. I would like if you can hold and put pictures on dice. Other than those, perfect app!


Love this app just needs the ability to put pictures on the individual sides also have more dice colors

Almost perfect

This is grate to use with my students. I would give it five stars if I could put pictures on the dice.

Tosses don't seem to be random...

I created a single die- three sides say "You Drive". Three sides say "I Drive". In 100 tosses, it comes up "I Drive" about 90 times. Definitely looks like a bug. The whole idea of custom dice is so fun and cool though I hope you can fix it!

Love it

As a teacher I can use this to make random dice to use in class. Would LOVE to see more options for 8,10,12 sided dice, but for 99 cents, this is a great offer.

Lots of potential

I like apps that are not the same old thing. If you use your imagination this has many uses. I've used it to fight procrastination and for creative writing. Having said that, I nominate this for the most unintuative interface for 2010. Also it could benefit from more colors, textures, and different sided die.

First to buy!

I love the beautifully rendered dices. Here are some suggestions: -Increase total dice limit to FIVE (5)! -Add option to HOLD some dices. -More Dice colors please! Keep it up!

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